Munich top 10 tourist questions and answers

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While the pandemic has hit hard, Germany like all other nations has taken measures to stave off its spread. Bavaria's capital Munich, a major tourism hot spot and cultural hub, has been missing travellers through the outbreak that has left most landmarks closed or with curtailed visiting hours. Although tourists need to keep their urge to visit Munich in check for the time being, some 'couch tourism' isn't a bad idea at all when many of us are working from home or not venturing outdoors due to lockdowns. The pandemic isn't lasting forever. This information about Munich will help you plan your trip when the city is ready to welcome tourists again.

Some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Munich:

  1. How to travel from German capital Berlin to Munich?
    The approximate distance between Berlin and Munich is about 587 km by road. It could take about 6 to 7 hours by car on the A9. The Deutsche Bahn (German Railway) trains take about 5 hours, while the flying time is nearly one hour.

  2. Which are the popular Beer Gardens and Halls?
    Bavaria is most famous for its beer and so is its capital Munich. Among the best places to have beer in the city are Augustiner-Braustuben, Augustiner Keller, Hofbrauhaus Munchen and of course the Chinesischer Turm in the sprawling English Garden.

  3. What cultural landmarks in Munich are worth seeing?
    Marienplatz and the Neues Rathaus. The main square of the city, Marienplatz is the place where jousting tournaments used to take place in the medieval ages. It was also the site of the markets until 1807. Neues Rathaus (New Town Hall) is a major architectural marvel that also houses the main Tourist Information Center. Other places worth visiting include Nymphenburg Palace and Gardens, Munich Residenz -- which houses the Residenz Museum, the Treasury, the Court Church of All Saints (Allerheiligen-Hofkirche), and Cuvilliés-Theater; and Viktualienmarkt.

  4. What makes the Englischer Garden (English Garden) a tourist hot spot?
    The sprawling greens of this legendary space in Munich are spread over 910 acres and plays a role in lending the city its character. The winding paths and streams around the park add to the charm and scores of nude people soaking in the sun drives up a visitor's curiosity. The park also has the famous Chinesischer Turm, a 25-metre-tall pagoda.

  5. Why is the Olympic Park famous?
    The 1972 Olympic games venue is an interesting spot for tourists with a number of activities. It includes the Olympic Tower that has a revolving restaurant at the top. The 1972 Olympics are known for the attack and killing of 11 Israeli athletes by Palestinian militants in the Munich Olympic Village.

  6. Why does one need to visit the BMW Museum?
    Munich is the headquarters of world-famous carmaker BMW (erstwhile Bavaria Motor Works). The museum chronicles the development of one of the most famous international car labels and the futuristic technology it uses to bring out the legendary automobile.

  7. What's there in the Deutsches Museum?
    If you don't visit this museum of technological wonders, your trip to Munich would be incomplete. Besides aviation and other transportation marvels important to German history, it displays the Faraday's cage with a person inside!

  8. Where can one enjoy food?
    Munich is a foodie's delight. From Bavarian preparations to delicacies from other parts of Germany, the city has it all. Among the best places for your taste buds are Weinhaus Neuner, Konigsquelle, Tantris. For those vegetarian, Prinz Myshkin at Altstadt is an excellent choice.

  9. How do the locals treat tourists?
    Bavarians are known to be polite and welcoming of tourists. They go the extra mile to make visitors comfortable and are excellent at telling directions.

  10. Is it necessary to know German?
    Most locals in Munich can speak English comfortably. So, if you have been able to read and understand this article until now, you won't have to learn German.


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Best museums ever. Must visit all 4 in same area

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