Munich on a budget

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Many budget travellers find Munich a tricky place to visit, as the average prices are higher here than elsewhere in Germany. So how does one tackle this great city without breaking the bank?

Hotels and Camping
The idea of pitching a tent in a major European city might sound mad, but in Munich it's a very real possibility. The Tent on the outskirts offers a cheap alternative to hostels and hotels, and gives visitors the choice of pitching their own tent, or bunking down in one of the communal ones. Alongside that there are bars, ping pong tables and other facilities that make it a great, and very social place to stop.

Of course this isn't the only place to rest your head. Munich has a great assortment of hostels, with many situated in the heart of the city.

Budget Sightseeing
You don't have to be lucky to experience everything Munich has to offer. On Sunday's, the price of entry to the Bavarian Museum is just EUR1, instead of the usual EUR7. For those who love to explore the city by foot, a number of free guided tours can be taken, which give visitors a handy overview of the city (although it's polite to leave a tip!).

Affordable Travel
Aside from the obvious (walking!), the tram system in Munich is great, for around EUR8 a day you can travel anywhere in the city, making it a handy way to explore. For those staying a little longer, a 3-day pass will set you back EUR15.

The other great way of getting about is by bike. It's reported that approximately 80% of Munich residents own one, and the cycle lane network comprises of 50% of the city's roads, meaning its easy enough to get around on two wheels.

Eat Cheap
It goes without saying, fancy restaurants are not on the menu. But that doesn't mean you need to go hungry. For starters, beer gardens offer cheap food if you don't mind currywurst and chips!

There are also numerous hotdog and pizza stands dotted around the city, and on weekdays lunches can be bought for 5-10 euros, just ask for the Mittagsmenü.

So, with all these budget options, there really is no excuse not to visit Munich this summer.

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