Matrix of the Heart: Poems on love, loss and longing

Wed 8th Nov, 2023

Photo copyright Deepa Gupta and TaraIn the present day, a poetry book resembles an oasis in the vast desert. In this new literary work, words gracefully traverse from India to Germany, knitting a profound connection between two cousins who, despite the physical distance that separates them, are intimately connected, akin to souls yearning for unity.

Two extraordinary women, deeply connected by sisterly affection, unite from distant corners of the world to merge their life experiences within the pages of a single book. These two women, originating from entirely distinct backgrounds--one from Asia and the other from Europe--pour their emotions onto the pages, surpassing geographical confines, and harmoniously collect their reflections.

Although their professions couldn't be more distinct, these two women will stimulate your thoughts and guide you on a journey through the realms of profound mysticism, romance, and the enigmatic twists of life. Immerse yourself in the world created by Deepa Gupta and Tara Gupta as you explore this beautifully intricate path of poetry, one that is likely to resonate deeply within your heart.


You Know Not

Unknown to you
I stand on the footsteps to your heart;
Unknown to you
I waltz into your arms with dewdrop dreams on my brow;
Unknown to you
I dance in the ecstasy of my own passion;
Unknown to you
I strive to reach out to that which is not;
Unknown to you
I cling to the thought - what if you did?



At Night

The night changes me, makes me better
and the woman I want to be.

You in the dark
Your profile illuminated from behind
Your straight neck
Your proud chin
Your soft mouth
Nose, eyes, forehead, hair
Your fair skin radiates like light in the darkness

The night changes me, gives me wings, brings me to you on pinions
and lets me be the woman I am.



One of the authors, Deepa Gupta, boasts a remarkable career in journalism, spanning over 23 years in the print media. She is based in Noida, India, and has served in various capacities at The Times of India for more than a decade. Her journalistic contributions have graced the pages of esteemed publications such as The Hindu, Outlook, Governance Now,, India Legal, The Financial Express, Travel Today, HT City, The Pioneer, and The Munich Eye. Deepa's talents extend beyond journalism, as she has also ventured into documentary scriptwriting, collaborating with filmmaker Muzaffar Ali on projects that narrate the stories of skilled artisans and craftsmen from all corners of India. She has also tried her hand at stage writing, with her ballet 'Yamuna - Dariya Prem Ka' showcased at Jahan-e-Khusrau in Delhi and the Wajid Ali Shah festival in Lucknow. Her travelog can be found in 'India Rasa-Experiencing the Incredible,' a coffee table book published by The Times Group. In the realm of academia, Deepa holds a doctorate in American Literature, where her research delves into the cinematic technique found in the novels of Saul Bellow concerning the interplay between the verbal and visual elements of the written word. When she's not writing, Deepa immerses herself in reading, music, and travel.

The other author, Tara Gupta, is a multifaceted professional, working as a business coach and yoga teacher in Munich, Germany. She is currently undergoing training in osteopathic medicine, a significant shift from her nearly two-decade-long corporate career in various prominent HR and procurement roles. Tara's unique background includes being born to a German mother and an Indian father, endowing her with proficiency in more than six languages. Having traversed the globe, living and working in diverse locations, Tara is an avid reader with a profound interest in Hinduism and spirituality. She furthered her spiritual knowledge by studying at the Dev Sanskriti Vishwa Vidyalaya in Haridwar, India, with coursework on The Gita and pranic healing. Tara's poetic endeavors began during her teenage years.

Their jointly authored book, independently published this autumn, is now available through the bookshop.

Photo copyright Deepa Gupta and Tara Gupta


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