Man Drowns in English Garden

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Munich. A man was found floating in the Eisbach in English Garden on Tuesday morning . People walking by spotted the corpse in the river which runs through the middle of the park and made popular by surfers.

After the pedestrians noticed the man, they called the emergency services. The team searched the river together with divers and support from a police helicopter.  At the Kennedy bridge they found the 60 year old man and pulled him out of the river. On-site reanimation attempts were unsuccessful, reported the fire brigade.

The dangers of the Eisbach are often misjudged by people and there have been many deaths over the years. Incidents are exasperated by the fast-flowing icy-cold water which is deceptively dangerous and which contains debris which can trap people under the current.  The public, especially tourists, are urged to avoid bathing in the Eisbach especially after drinking and to make sure inebriated colleagues stay clear of the river.  This advice is especially potent given the large number of visitors to Munich at this time of year and the resultant levels of intoxication.

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nelson courtney
2020-07-23 21:14:56

has the identity of the drowned man been released to the public yet? i am searching for my cousin stephan davies a 60 year old african american man. he was last known to be in karlsrue . i have not heard from him since 1996. can you help?

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