Jackery solar generators steal spotlight at InterSolar 2023

Tue 4th Jul, 2023

Copyright JackeryJackery, a leading manufacturer in the solar energy industry, has developed a wide and impressive range of useful products.

At the renowned InterSolar 2023 event in Munich, one of the world's largest trade fairs for solar energy and renewable energies, Jackery presented the latest innovation, the Jackery solar generator Explorer 2000 Plus. With its stand at InterSolar 2023, Jackery underlined its leadership in the industry and demonstrated its commitment to technological advances in the field of sustainable energy production.

The company wias presenting the Explorer 2000 Plus solar generator at InterSolar 2023 from June 14th to 16th at booth 470 in area C4.

The Explorer 2000 Plus is characterized by its outstanding features:

  • Powerful LiFePO4 battery: It offers an impressive 10-year lifespan and still retains 70 percent of its capacity after 4000 charge cycles. This battery technology sets new standards in terms of durability and reliability.
  • Extended power and flexibility: With a single Jackery Explorer 2000 Plus power station you can connect up to five additional batteries at the same time. This increases the output from 2 kWh to an impressive 12 kWh.
  • Fast solar charging: The battery charges in just two hours with the innovative ultra solar charging. All you have to do is connect six solar modules.
  • Unique fast charging technology: The charging algorithm ensures increased safety and extends the battery life by 50 percent. Even under extreme conditions such as a high temperature of 45 degrees Celsius, the solar generator can be fully charged in about five and a half hours.
  • User-friendly design: The 2000 Plus offers not only impressive performance, but also user-friendliness. Features like app control, silent operation, and the handle and wheels make it easy to use and transport.

The generator not only impresses with its powerful functions, but is also extremely versatile. For the next camping adventure, for gardening or barbecues or as a backup at home - the Explorer 2000 Plus provides you with power everywhere. With its compact and mobile design, it can be easily transported and is therefore perfect for activities on the go.

Through the development of innovative and high-performance products in the field of solar energy, Jackery is primarily committed to sustainability. The US company is also socially committed and has partnered with various organizations, such as the International Rescue Committee, to support people in need. This collaboration enables Jackery to help people in crisis areas and provide them with support in dealing with unforeseen emergencies.

A less expensive and more family-friendly offering, and perhaps suitable for BBQs and outdoor events, is the jackery SolarSaga 100W. Whichever product you choose, we are sure that this addition will make any summer event special.

Copyright Jackery


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