Germany Airport Strikes in Munich, Frankfurt, Bremen and Cologne

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Germany Airport Strikes in Munich, Frankfurt, Bremen and CologneVerdi, a major German union, is demanding a 6 percent pay rise for around 2.3 million employees in public sector roles across the country.  A spokesman claimed that ground staff and some fire services staff would be on strike on Tuesday at Munich, Frankfurt, Bremen and Cologne airports.

This follows on the tail of strikes organised by Verdi last month between the 20th-22nd March

Frankfurt Airpot, together with Munich Airport - the two biggest transport hubs for Lufthansa (Germany's national carrier), issued a statement informing of the airport strike on Tuesday. They recommend passengers check the status of their flight on the relevant airlines' website prior to initiating their journey.

The following airline websites can provide details on delays and cancellations:

The last major airport strike in Germany resulted in untold misery for hundreds of thousands of travellers and left nearly 4000 flights cancelled.

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2018-04-10 14:18:00

The sooner the robots take over the better. Why do the robots not handle the luggage anyway. Have you seen some of the videos online of baggage handlers throwing suitcases around with no regard whatsoever for the condition of the contents. I say the robots are welcome to take the jobs of people like that.

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2018-04-09 23:43:50

They will understand when robots take over the their jobs sooner or later!!

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2018-04-09 14:56:23

Germany really is getting as bad as France for strikes. I read in a newspaper last year that there were more strikes here than in France. The misery these people are causing is wrong and amounts to blackmailing everyone for a tiny amount of pay increase.

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