Frühlingsfest (spring festival) 21.04.2017 - 07.05.2017 Theresienwiese

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The 53rd "Mini-Wiesn" is currently taking place at the Theresienwiese München, providing young and grown-up visitors with a large range of market stalls, fairground rides and the obligatory and beer tents.

Next to the popular fairground amusements there are also some highlights you shouldn't miss:

  • the giant flea market on the first Saturday of the festival
  • the old-timer meeting on the first Sunday of the festival
  • family days with reduced prizes on the two Tuesdays
  • the Street Artist Contest on May 7, 2017
  • public viewing of all FC Bayern matches
  • the fireworks on the two Fridays of the festival

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2017-05-05 00:36:45

I was wondering what this was. I live in the area and did not know about it. Thanks for this info.

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