FFP2 masks are no longer mandatory on buses and trains in Bavaria

Sat 2nd Jul, 2022

Image by Wilfried PohnkeDespite the rising numbers of corona, FFP2 masks are no longer mandatory for public transport in Bavaria. Only a medical mask is now mandatory. The new regulation came into force at midnight. "The mask obligation in public transport remains, because it is important as a protection in view of the current infection incidence," explained Health Minister Klaus Holetschek (CSU). But now everyone can "decide according to their own assessment and risk evaluation whether to wear an OP mask instead of an FFP2 mask."

"We are thus relying more on the individual responsibility of citizens," Holetschek said. "In the hot summer months like we are experiencing now, and under the current pandemic conditions, we think this is proportionate."

The Cabinet had approved the corresponding amendment to the Corona Ordinance on Tuesday. Holetschek had said on that occasion, "The FFP2 mask has a higher protective effect. But of crucial importance for protection is also that the mask is worn correctly throughout and has the right size and fit."

Holetschek went on to say, "We continue to recommend FFP2 masks wherever many people congregate in a confined space. However, medical masks also provide protection when worn correctly throughout, and citizens remain free to use them as well."

Image by Wilfried Pohnke


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