Expedition from Munich to the North Pole

style="float: right; margin-bottom: 10px; font-weight: 600;"Fri 7th May, 2010

Munich/Spitsbergen Island. On 14 August a machine of airberlin on behalf of the Polar Flight Company starts a very special flight from Munich airport.

German Polar Flight offers flights expeditions to the North Pole and daily expeditions to Spitsbergen since four years. For the first time such a flight will start from Munich airport: one day expedition to Spitsbergen, the most unspoilt part of Europe. Spitsbergen is one of three inhabited islands in the archipelago, and according to the terms of the Svalbard Treaty, citizens of any of the signatory countries may settle in the archipelago.

The flight, operated by Air Berlin starts on 14 August at 6.50 a.m. and arrives at Spitsbergen at about 11.25 a.m. The fare for the flight expedition to Spitsbergen is 1444'‚¬, booking and further information at www.polarflug.de.

The participants can expect a bus tour and a boat excursion around unique features of the North pole landscape. The tour goes to the second largest settlement on Spitsbergen, the Russian coal mining settlement of Barentsburg. Other settlements on the island include the former Russian mining communities of Grumantbyen and Pyramiden. In the early morning hours on 15 August, the expedition arrives back to Munich.

For next year an extension of the polar flights from Munich is planned, with flights to Spitsbergen and to other places in the far north.

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