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Sun 2nd Jul, 2023

Photo by Markus WinklerThe Deutschland ticket was available from the beginning of May. There are some special features if you purchase the ticket from the local transportation provider, though it can be purchased from a variety of providers like Deutsche Bahn, MVV, or MVG. Below is a list of some questionsregarding the Deutschlandsticket in Munich.

What is the price of and where is the validity of the Germany ticket?
It is only available as a subscription, costs 49 euros per month, and has a monthly cancellation option. The nine-euro ticket, just like last year, is good for local and regional transportation across the country, i. e. in regional trains' second class, city and regional buses, the subway, trams, and tramways. It doesn't apply to DB long-distance transportation (i.e. g. Long-distance buses, IC, EC, and ICE), as well as service providers like Flixtrain. If they are covered by the Germany tariff, destinations close to international borders can also be reached. These include Kufstein and Salzburg.

What are the deadlines for ordering and canceling?
According to DB's announcement on Tuesday, the Germany ticket may only be purchased from Deutsche Bahn and the Munich S-Bahn without a deadline during the current month. In this instance, only the days left in the month are taken into account when determining the price of 49 euros. A portion of the cost for the remaining 17 days of May, i.e., is still paid by anyone who orders a ticket valid on May 15 as an example. e. 27.71 euros. According to Deutsche Bahn, the only prerequisite is that the ticket is subsequently used for at least one full calendar month.

Orders for thticket must be placed with MVG prior to the start of the month. Flexible entry is also possible throughout the month, but only at the MVG customer centers located at the main station and Marienplatz. To be effective for the following month, notice of termination must be received by the tenth day of the month. These deadlines, though, only apply to the MVG.

The ticket is for whom?

  • Actually for everyone who desires to travel conveniently and affordably in all local and regional transportation throughout Germany without having to worry about fees and network boundaries.
  • It costs less than nearly every MVV subscription before it.
  • This is advantageous for occasional users as well; for instance, if you stamp two strips more than 15 times as an adult, you have already spent more than 49 euros.

Nevertheless, it is still beneficial to address the terms and determine whether the offer is actually appropriate. For instance, users of the reduced MVV subscriptions save money so long as they only use the M-Zone. Isarcard 65 costs 498 euros annually for the entire M-Zone, and Isarcard 9 o'clock costs 534 euros. Customers who have a recurring subscription for multiple zones, on the other hand, find it to be very profitable. For instance, the Isarcard subscription M-6 costs EUR 2,304 annually, which is EUR 1,716 more than the Germany ticket will cost in the future.


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Photo by Markus Winkler


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