Cyclist Kills Pedestrian over Right-of-Way

style="float: right; margin-bottom: 10px; font-weight: 600;"Thu 8th Sep, 2011

Munich, Sendling - The never ending battle for our city's streets - between cars, pedestrians and bike riders - took a deadly turn when a 75-year-old male was pushed to the ground by a biker after an argument and died.

On Tuesday, retiree Fritz Ebel and his wife, Sylvia, 79, were leaving a local restaurant and because of construction, were walking on the sidewalk area that both pedestrians and bikers had to share.  Signs are posted in the construction zone, that bikers must not ride through and have to dismount.  A 53-year-old male on his bike did not want to do so, and Mr. Ebel had words with the biker.

The biker did get off his bike, but argued with Mr. Ebel and then pushed him.  Mr. Ebel hit his head on a parked truck and landed on the hard asphalt, where his wife held him as he bled out and fell into a coma.  On Friday, Mr. Ebel passed away.

The biker did call the ambulance and administered first aid, but was immediately arrested.  He is currently free but faces indictment and a possible lengthy jail sentence.

Meanwhile, the debate in Munich will continue as to who has right of way and who is wrong or right when following the rules. Local police have seen a 9.9% rise in accidents between cars, bikers and walkers.  They have stopped over 12,500 bikers, of which over 7,500 were ticketed for breaking rules. Eight people have died this year so far, as opposed to 10 by this time last year.

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