Coworking in Munich

style="float: right; margin-bottom: 10px; font-weight: 600;"Fri 30th Apr, 2010

"Coworking Spaces" is the new form of office communities for freelancers where they can rent a desk on a daily or weekly basis. On Saturday in Adams-Lehmann Strasse 56, "Combinat 56" in Munich-Schwabing opens its first Coworking space.

This new way of working takes the form of a shared office, in which each freelancer can rent a desk for some months or days and ideally could benefit from networking with others. Coworking will provide self-employed individuals with offices for day rental. But Coworking Space is not only about renting an office, but also about inspiration, networks and team spirit. In Berlin, Frankfurt and other German cities, the trend has taken of and now - a little later - it has arrived in Munich.

The 200 square meters, large, bright office in "Combinat 56" is located on the ground floor, with a view of a green meadow. Flexible partitions separate the space into several work corners. There is a kitchen and two small meeting rooms. For this you would pay '‚¬30 per day or '‚¬350 a month. There are 18 seats in total. But if it works well, then soon new working spaces will be created. Sina Brübach-Schlickum, the founder of Coworking Spaces in Munich, already has a 300 square meter room on the second floor of the building in her mind. A café and benches to sit outside are also planned.

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