Common sense techniques to win in the casino

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Today, physical and online casinos are one of the most profitable industries in the world, and that encourages many players to devise unique strategies to make money at the casino. But even though the game rooms have an established profit margin, you have the possibility to reduce it. Of course, the casino will always have its advantages, otherwise, no gambling company would still be surviving.

It is very important that you pay attention to the following points to understand the background of this exciting industry.

Percentage of payment: Although it seems hard to believe, the percentage of money bet that is returned to the players reaches up to 95% in the case of slots and can reach 100% in strategy games. To visualize it more accurately, in the European roulette game, the disbursement number is approximately 97.3%. This means that if the casino collects 100 euros in one day, 97.3 euros will be returned to customers. Doesn't it sound exciting and with better odds than most realise?

House advantage: This denomination is used to describe the percentage that the casino will win for each bet. Considering the amount returned to customers, we can conclude that the profitability of the gambling house is 2.7% of the total bets. This means that, beyond the amount of money you bet, regardless of how many players invest money or the type of bets placed, that percentage will always be the same, transforming into casino winnings.

Now, although this seems very clear in theory, at the time of playing it is not so much. Therefore, here we present several items to take into account when betting.


How to Choose Reliable and Little Restrictive Casinos to Win

With the rise of online casinos, more uncertainty arises about the legality of casinos. To enjoy this game in a safe and worry-free way, you must first confirm whether the casino is regulated by any gaming jurisdiction. Although it may surprise you and generates distrust, it is not unusual that its regulation is based in tax havens such as Malta, Gibraltar and Águila, among others. The only important thing is to be sure that there is a legimate headquarters and where it is located.

Another sign that will guarantee the reliability of the casino is the eCOGRA security seal. What does this mean? This name comes from E-commerce Online Gaming Regulation and Assurance. This non-profit organization was created to set game standards and protect users from illegal gaming houses.

Every casino that has this seal receives annual inspections to confirm that everything is running on wheels and that players can continue betting. Look for this logo at the bottom of the website. The absence of the logo does not inevitably mean that the casino is illegal, but it will surely give you more peace of mind.

Pay close attention and distrust casino bonuses that promise you a rose garden. In that case we recommend that you read the conditions well, because although most of the gaming houses offer to double your betting credit, some others can assure you that you will win a lot of money, but with limitations with respect to the minimum bet amount or with restrictions when it comes to collect what you have earned. So, as the lawyers would say, always read the fine print of the contracts so you don't get any surprises.

There is another detail that will help you choose the right casino. In the gambling industry, casinos are usually backed by a reputable provider. Although the same happens with the seal, since the absence of a supplier is not synonymous with illegality, it is a great question mark that causes relative distrust. The objective of these alliances is to offer their customers the highest quality and the best technology.

As a last point to help make a wise choice regarding casinos, verify completely that the website has the SSL (Secure Socker Layer) certificate or the RSA algorithm. This is not a minor fact, since when we make money transfers online, the only thing that supports us to avoid viruses or hacker interventions are these security protocols, so that transactions are encrypted and, therefore, secure.


What are the games with the highest percentage of benefits

Let's start at the beginning. In general, all casinos offer roulettes, slots, blackJack, dice, ferris wheel and Carnival Card Table Games. From all these you can make a profit, if you study them carefully. But we already know what you are thinking; You want to know what is the best game to become a millionaire. While we cannot guarantee that, we will help you find the "weaknesses" of each one.

According to the analysis of experts in the field, there are 3 large groups that are well differentiated.

1.Skill games

Here comes the blackJack, craps or dice. They are called that because they are games to which mathematical algorithms have been applied. Some ways to optimize a bet are by applying reductions or formulas, and with statistical data.

2.Fixed odds games

These are roulette, slot machines and a very famous card game called baccarat. The name of this group is because they do not require any skills; On the contrary, the casino's advantage is always fixed. That is why it is recommended to enjoy these games as an entertainment and not precisely as a method to earn money, although you could be the lucky ones who get monetary advantages.

3. Take advantage of No Deposit Bonuses and Promotional Codes

No deposit bonuses are, as the word says, a type of promotional code that does not require any payment from customers. Some of the most popular are the so-called welcome bonuses that casinos use to attract more potential customers and achieve the loyalty of these new players. And of course they succeed! Check our list for that.

Your task will be to maximize these benefits without any risk or investment. If this is the first time you try to bet in a casino, the amounts offered for free are not disposable; between 1 and 50 euros depending on the playhouse. To use these bonuses without deposit you must register with all your data and verify your identity.

Now comes the the warning. Yes, you always have to take certain precautions when we talk about "gifts". Read the bonus conditions very well, especially since they vary from casino to casino. Some limit the games in which you can use the benefit, while others express a maximum limit of removable winnings. You should be very attentive in the latter case to not regret later, if you have accumulated more profits than those suggested by extraction.


We don't forget VIP customers

Just as we talk about the benefits for beginners, we also have a tip if you are an expert in the field. Find out in your favorite casino what promotions you can get if you become a VIP client. In most gaming houses, VIP players access special prizes for their loyalty to the company, including cash, technology products and pleasure trips. Not bad if the casino is one of your passions.


How to Apply Statistics and Mathematics to win

For those who are just beginning in this exciting world of casino games, they will surely think that everything is a matter of luck. Although the games are called "by chance", many studies have been carried out over the years to try to prove the existence of another factor: the mathematician.

With a positive result, the theory of probabilities is born. To sum it up, your hypothesis is based on the independence of the games but depending on the game, which means that the number of total and favorable results depends on the total number of results in general.

As we said before, games like slot machines or roulette offer low chances of winning, but in blackjack, for example, mathematical and statistical strategies can be put into practice.

Being an extremely extensive and complex issue in many aspects, we will build on the most widespread strategy among players: the so-called classic martingale. This technique proposes to bet little by little, for example, one euro per play and, each time it is lost, double the bet to try to recover the lost. According to experts, if you play five times the same color, the chances of that color coming out increase exponentially. The calculation estimates that on the fifth time the color we chose in the previous five moves should come out.

In conclusion, if we bet a euro on the first play and double the amount up to the fifth bet (1, 2, 4, 8, 16), we will be putting sixteen euros that will be recovered and doubled for having won the bank. This leaves us as a teaching that, the less we bet, the more possibilities we will have, and that we must always remain faithful to the same color. We will not become millionaires, but we will be recovering the investment and a little more too.

Learn to retire on time and with earnings in your pocket. But never forget that casinos are fun, so you need to relax and play without pressure. Of course, you can bet little, but at a steady pace.

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