Auer Dult

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The Auer Dult is Munich's oldest fair, dating back to 1310 and it takes place over the 20,000 square metres of Mariahilfplatz. There are three Dults a year, the "Maidult" in spring, "Jakobidult" in summer and finally "Kirchweihdult" in the autumn. Each of them runs for nine days and attracts around 100,000 visitors to its 300 stands. Opening hours are 10am to 8pm everyday.

The name "Dult" is derived from an old German word meaning "religious observance". Originally it took place before the front of a church during a religious celebration honouring a local saint. Today it simply means "fair". "Auer" refers to the location in Munich's borough "Au".

Although it is considered to be the largest crockery market in Europe, it does not stop with just pots and porcelain. Hand-made jewellery, musical instruments, wooden toys, books and furniture are some other things that draw the shopper´s interests. One can also admire several stands showing off the traditional German attire, the Lederhosen and Dirndl.

Apart from the shopping and browsing, it is simply a must to try out some delicious Bavarian specialities. Grilled sausages, skewered fish, slices of meat loaf in rolls are available for the food-lovers amongst us. For those with a sweeter taste, caramelised almonds and plenty of candy can satisfy your hunger. Of course, this being Bavaria, there are also beer tents serving a wide range of Munich brews.

Like every fairground, there are many activities and things for the children including a small Ferris wheel, swing boats, a horse riding track, a chairoplane, bumper cars and shooting galleries. Families should take note that Tuesdays are "Kindertag" (Children´s day) and therefore rides do not cost as much.

You can easily reach Mariahilfplatz via bus or tram. Tram line 27 to Schwanseestraße departs from Karlsplatz/Stachus, bus 52 to Tierpark/Alemannenstraße departs from Marienplatz. Or any S-bahn that stops at Rosenheimerplatz - from the subway it's a 5min walk down Franziskanerstraße and then right onto Gebsattelstraße.

Dates for the Auer Dulten in 2012:

Maidult (May Dult)
28 April - 6 May 2012

Jakobidult (St James Dult)
28 July - 5 August 2012

Kirchweihdult (Church Anniversary Dult)
20 October - 28 October 2012


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