Words Worth English-language Bookshop turns 25

style="float: right; margin-bottom: 10px; font-weight: 600;"Wed 29th Jun, 2011

Having first opened its doors to the public of Munich in 1985, Words Worth can now proudly celebrate its 25th year.

Once attracting English native and non-native speakers alike to its original shop on Schellingstrasse 21 which very much resembled an old English bookshop, Words Worth now resides on Schellingstrasse 3 and plays host to textbooks for the University's English and American Studies department as well as the literary greats read just for pleasure. Both fiction and non-fiction sections are well-stocked and cater to everyone's needs from children to young adults to those simply looking for a light read to take to the English Garden on a summer day.

Happy Anniversary from The Munich Times!

Words' Worth
Buchhandlung für englischsprachige Literatur GmbH
Schellingstrasse 3
80799 München
Phone: (089) 280 9141 and 283 642
Email: info@wordsworth.de


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