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Weekends in Munich are special, especially when Bayern are in action.  All the fans bus into the city, Marienplatz is red and abuzz with anticipation.  And of course, the tourists, both local and international fill up the streets, shops and U-Bahn's.  But Bayern aren't the only ones in action this weekend, and not only their fans are in town.  Here's the weekend preview of the local teams in action.


Roosters invade Munich, take on EHC

Iserlohn may be last in the DEL table, but the team has booked a special train to transport 1000 fans to the match against EHC München tonight at the Eissportzentrum.  "It's great that so many Rooster fans are coming to Munich," exlaimed EHC's Director Christian Winkler.  "But more important for me and team is that our fans come out in bigger numbers.  The team will need the support of our fans even more with so many of the opposing team's fans in the arena."

Mr. Winkler need not worry about fans showing up.  In four matches so far in 2011, EHC are averaging an attendance figure of 4200 that has lent to a home ice advantage.  Despite the 1-3 record, the packed house has aided the club to fight every minute till overtime or penalty shootout.  It may be a hen house Friday night, but guaranteed that the atmosphere will be rocking to start the weekend.  Face-off at 19:30.

(Editor's note:  Salman Mitha will be tweeting live during the match, follow the action @sal_TMT_sports)

 1860 looking to get back to winning ways, travel to take on VfL Osnabrück tonight

It seemed like last year TSV 1860 München were on a 10-match unbeaten streak and threatening to make a run at promotion.  Well, that was so 2010.  A tidal wave of off-the-field distractions and poor play on the pitch at the end of last year has continued into 2011 and brought only 1 win in the past four matches for 1860.  The Lions are now 9 points away from a promotion playoff spot and would need to climb over six other clubs to get there.

Despite all the challenges, head coach Reiner Maurer and his players are focused to get back on the right track.  "We have to stay positive and get back to our winning ways," said Maurer at the press conference before the team left.  "We received a lot of criticism after our last two losses, and it is tough to motivate the team after everything we have gone through over the past weeks.  It will be tough to play in Osnabrück, but we will show 100% passion to play - for us, for our fans."

VfL have only won 5 matches all season, all of them at home.  Meanwhile the Lions are a solid away squad, with a 3-3-3 record on the road.  Kickoff at 18:00.


FC Bayern host 'Lautern

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Haching Volleyball take on juniors from Berlin

At the Sport Arena,  Generali Haching will host the junior national team Zurich Team VCO Berlin. Every two years the youngsters can play in the top flight to improve the talent of the players.  Current Haching players Denis Kaliberda and Roy Friedrich played on this team.  The players on VCO may be the future of German volleyball, but for now, they are struggling in the league, only winning one match this season and are at the bottom of the table.

Unterhaching are definitely favored, as they are 5-1 at home, on an 8-match win streak in the league, and are tied at the top of the table with two other teams.  And Haching needed 62 minutes to beat Berlin 3-0 back on opening night.  Despite their role as Goliath, TSV assistant coach and former VCO staffer Berti Golf warns it won't be easy for his team.  "We cannot underestimate our opponent, they have nothing to lose and their attack make them dangerous.  We have to win this match."  First serve is at 16:00.

Bayern Basketball back at home, host Jena

After almost a month since their last home game, ProA table leaders Bayern Basketball return home to 'Munich Square Garden' to take on Science City Jena.  Despite their record and their position at the top of the table, Bayern admit they have not played well in the new year.  "We have not concentrated for 40 minutes and played at a contant level," explained head coach Dirk Bauermann.  "We made too many mistakes, didn't play calm, and committed too many fouls.  We worked on those aspects this week.  We want and have to win every match."

Jena come into the match 11th in the table with a record of 6-10 including a 87-77 loss to Bayern on October 2nd.  Jonathan Wallace and Aleksandar Nadjfeji both poured in 21 points each to win a tight one the road.  Now that Bayern have caught the attention of the locals, 'Munich Square Garden' has become a distinct home advantage and should help Bayern get back their groove.  "We are looking forward to coming home," said center Robert Maras.  "I'm hoping it will be a basketball party.  It's beautiful when it's full."  Tip-off is at 17:00.

(Editor's note:  Salman Mitha will be tweeting live during the match, follow the action @sal_TMT_sports)

Simone Sperduto contributed to this article.

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