Traffic chaos in Munich

Fri 23rd Dec, 2022

Image by WikimediaImagesNumerous traffic lights failed in the Bavarian capital of Munich on Thursday afternoon. Initially, there was talk of a good 200 traffic lights, but in fact there may have been only 50, said a police spokesman in the evening.

Around 7 p.m., everything was running regularly again, he said. "It seems to have been some technical defect." According to the spokesman, the traffic lights had failed around 3:30 pm. There had been calls from citizens to the police and the rescue control center, among others.

The eastern part of the city area was particularly affected

The streets affected were Hofgartenstrasse at the corner of Franz-Josef-Strauß-Ring, Murnauer Strasse at the corner of Högelwörthstrasse, Orleansplatz, Rosenheimer Strasse at the corner of Pariser Strasse and Einsteinstrasse at the corner of Grillparzer Strasse.

Police officers temporarily regulated traffic at busy intersections. A municipal utility spokesman explained to AZ why the traffic lights were out: "The reason for the outage was a brief voltage dip in a high-voltage line between Föhring and Moosburg. The reason for the voltage drop has not yet been confirmed, but the municipal utilities suspect that it is weather-related. It could be a branch in the line, for example."

Image by WikimediaImages


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