Storm "Ignatz" causes hurricane-like gusts in Germany

style="float: right; margin-bottom: 10px; font-weight: 600;"Thu 21st Oct, 2021

The first strong autumn storm of the year is approaching with low pressure system "Ignatz". The German Weather Service (DWD) expects gale-force winds this Thursday in Lower Saxony and Bremen, among other places.At exposed locations such as the North Sea coast and in the high altitudes of the Harz Mountains, hurricane-like gusts with wind speeds of up to 110 kilometers per hour are also possible, said a DWD meteorologist on Wednesday.

On the Brocken, the storm could even reach hurricane force. This also applies to peaks such as the Feldberg in the Black Forest or the Fichtelberg. Gale-force winds of up to 120 kilometers per hour are possible there. The North Sea coast of Lower Saxony is also expected to experience a series of light storm surges from Thursday.

Storm low "Ignatz" is expected to reach Lower Saxony in the southwest from early Thursday morning and then move further east. Widespread gale-force winds of 8 and 9 are to be expected - also in inland areas. Especially at the North Sea and west of the Weser, individual thunderstorms are possible, which can bring heavy rain.

The storm is also expected to sweep over Berlin and Brandenburg on Thursday and Friday. Wind speeds could reach up to 100 kilometers per hour, according to the information from Wednesday.Trips to the park people in this region should better not undertake on Thursday. The DWD expressly warned of the danger of falling branches because of "Ignatz" and recommended that it was best not to leave the house. The zoo and the zoo Berlin announced not to open on Thursday.

In the course of the afternoon, the wind eases again from the west, according to the DWD information. Only in the north, it remains stormy into Friday. In addition, it rains on Friday in the northern half and at the edge of the Alps - otherwise, the sun comes out frequently.But it is getting cooler in Germany. On Thursday, temperatures will be between 13 and 18 degrees, on Friday mostly only between 8 and 13 degrees. Saturday looks similar. A mix of sun, clouds, and fog is to be expected, explained the DWD. Sunday will bring sunshine and 12 to 17 degrees, at the latest from Tuesday, more unsettled weather will move in again.

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