Six new features for voice messages on Whatsapp

style="float: right; margin-bottom: 10px; font-weight: 600;"Sat 2nd Apr, 2022

Whatsapp is giving its voice messages an extensive update. The six new features will be introduced gradually in the coming weeks. Users of the beta version can already use some of the new features.

Playing back voice messages outside of the chat

With this function, Whatsapp wants to facilitate the multitasking that many heavy users of smartphones put on the day: Users will soon be able to listen to a voice message while reading and writing messages in another chat.

Pause and resume recording of voice message

Until now, voice messages had to be recorded without pausing. You couldn't afford pauses if you didn't want to leave the other person in silence - meaningless chatter in voice messages was often the result. The update changes that: You press the microphone in the chat as usual, and a swipe up opens a small ribbon menu. Here, the current recording can be deleted, sent - but also paused and resumed.

Visualization in waveform

Looks nice first of all: The sound of the voice message will soon be displayed in visual form. According to Whatsapp, this should make it easier to track the progress of the recording.

Listen to recording before sending

If you also wonder from time to time what you have just said, how it sounds or you simply like to hear your own voice, this new function is perfect. Because Whatsapp will let users listen to their own voice messages again in the future before you have to press "Send".

Playback from last heard position

The solution for people who get half audio books sent as voice messages: With the new feature, voice messages can be paused and resumed later at the appropriate position.

Fast playback for forwarded messages

This is not a bug, but a new feature. Messages can already be played back in one and a half or double speed for some time. This is now also possible with forwarded voice messages.

Whatsapp proudly points out that seven billion voice messages are now sent via Messenger every day. Whatsapp belongs to the Facebook parent company Meta, just like Instagram, Facebook Messenger and the social network that gives it its name.

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