Shamelessly Corrupt and Incompetent Pakistan

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The recent incident involving kidnapping and the subsequent killing of two Chinese citizens during June in Pakistan is highly condemnable.

The worst part is that instead of feeling embarrassed for the complete lack of law and order in Pakistan, their establishment blamed the two deceased Chinese nationals.

Pakistani authorities said, that the two Chinese; Lee Zing Yang, 24 and Meng Li Si, 26, were Christian missionaries misusing their business visas. Does it imply that Chinese Christians do not have the right to stay alive in Pakistan?

Pakistan is now talking about toughening its visa policy for Chinese nationals. This is akin to a serial adulterer talking about celibacy. On the contrary, nations of this world should harden their visa policies for Pakistani citizens.

The European Union Migration Commissioner, Mr. Dimitris Avramopoulos expressed his concern about Pakistani migrants coming to Europe pretending to be Syrians in 2015. Pakistanis move among the thousands of Syrian war refugees to enter Europe in order to obtain benefits and residency in European countries.

During 2014, approximately 90,000 Pakistanis were sent back to their country for staying and travelling illegally in European countries as a result, to cover up its embarrassment, Pakistan suspended readmission agreements with Western nations during November 2015. Pakistan didn't even allow 30 of its citizens deported from Greece to disembark from a plane at Islamabad airport in December 2015.

A large number of Pakistanis also masquerade as Afghan nationals to acquire European Union (EU) Passports from different European countries. Pashto is one of the two official languages of Afghanistan. It is also the second most spoken regional language of Pakistan. Pakistani passport holders take advantage of this fact and falsely claim asylum as Afghan refugees in Europe.

In May 2013 seven men of Pakistani origin from Oxford in Britain were found guilty of sexual grooming of minor white girls. These sexual predators made contact with victims in public places like parks and offered alcohol to these girls. The majority of these girls comprised of poor kids from broken families or living in Child Care Shelters. These under-age young girls were later internally trafficked within U.K, taken to other towns for sexual exploitation by a large number of Pakistani men staying in Britain.

The Home Affairs Committee probing the aforesaid mentioned that, "evidence presented to us suggests that there is a model of localized grooming of Pakistani heritage men targeting young white girls".  Councils of Rochdale and Rotherham in Britain also witnessed similar cases on a large scale.

The author spent many years in The Netherlands and came across a large number of Pakistani men. They asserted themselves as Arabs from U.A.E, Qatar and Saudi Arabia, especially in front of Caucasian girls. The irony is that the Middle East Arabs whom Pakistanis idolize consider Muslims from Pakistan as third class converts and avoid social interaction with them.

Pakistani men in Netherlands also target minor white Dutch girls for sexual exploitation. They seek emotionally vulnerable adult Dutch women as well, whom they entrap by depicting their fake love. These women are then converted to Islam before getting married to such poseur Pakistanis. These fellows have no shame and guilt in dumping these women after obtaining their Dutch passports through marriage.

Pakistan is a very risky and volatile nation. Rich Pakistanis comprising of politicians, army officers and bureaucrats reside in gated communities. They thrive on the large inflow of foreign funds.

Pakistani authorities are therefore getting fat on the funds coming to their country from the U.S.A. as well as China.

The China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) is worth approximately $46 Billion. This sum is about twice as much as Pakistan's total foreign exchange reserves.

Middle class Pakistanis strive to leave Pakistan and settle abroad by hook or by crook. The government schools in Pakistan are in a bad shape due to mismanagement and inefficiency. Due to this reason, the vast majority of economically poor Pakistanis send their children to religious seminaries known as 'Madrasas' because such places feed and house the students.
These religious schools however, primarily focus on students 'rote learning' the Muslim holy book, the 'Koran'. This largely pushes students into a religious direction and unsuitable for the job market.

These frustrated individuals then turn to crime besides religious extremism. They lack material comforts of life due to their poverty and ignorance.

Pakistan is ranked a lowly 122 out of 138 countries in the 2016-17 edition of Global Competitiveness Report published by the World Economic Forum. The World Bank ranks Pakistan at 144th position out of 190 countries, as regards ease of doing business.

The Billions which China is pumping into Pakistan for the CPEC initiative has made the Pakistani establishment highly sluggish. Pakistani Prime Minister, Nawaz Sharif said in 2015 that the money being spent by China in Pakistan is neither a loan nor a grant but an investment. Sharif further said that the Chinese investment in Pakistan covers construction of motorways and installation of energy projects.

No self-respecting nation expects another country to come and spend its money on the host state's basic requirements.

It should be a matter of disquiet for Pakistan that since its creation in 1947, the country has failed to build up a suitable infrastructure. A report in 'The Express Tribune', a Pakistani newspaper, expressed apprehension about CPEC since Pakistan is highly plagued by inefficiency, corruption and political instability.

The CPEC project would not bring any prosperity to Pakistan. The Chinese funds could disappear in the labyrinth of potentially corrupt Pakistani establishment. A large number of Chinese nationals, however would be going to Pakistan for working in these projects. China needs to seriously ponder about the safety of its citizens in unstable Pakistan.

In order to avoid further recurrence of such incidents, China should make it clear to Pakistan that the security of Chinese citizens in Pakistan is the sole responsibility of the Pakistani government.

Talk is cheap, money matters. Pakistan can state all it wants regarding raising a security force of 15,000 personnel for the CPEC project. It should put its money where its mouth is.

All Chinese nationals working in Pakistan must be provided a substantial insurance cover by Pakistan. The premium for this scheme and the subsequent payment, if needed, should all come from the coffers of the Pakistani government. In the event of any mishap like kidnapping, killing or injuries resulting from an attack, the insurance sum must be paid by the government of Pakistan to the Chinese victim or their family.

This is the least which the Pakistani establishment can do for Chinese employees in their country, considering the exemplary efforts China is putting in, to uplift this country and its economy through projects like CPEC and OBOR.


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2020-07-19 10:37:23

An Indian article obviously. Full if the usual \'curry powder\' lol.

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2019-03-31 12:22:18

Dying hopes for china- Pakistan road belt initiatives haters. Chinese themselves acknowledge things even better than ********* (REDACTED).

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Asghar Shahzad
2019-03-31 10:38:44

Opps - I am surprised by the language of this article. Wordings and their use is full of bias and narrow-mindedness of this author towards Pakistan. This article should have peer-to-peer reviewed by open-minded writers.

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2019-03-06 15:20:42

It’s really great information about CPEC. This is an excellent post.

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2018-06-12 11:17:48

I applaud the Munich Eye for publishing this. Just because Inam Khawaja does not like the content does not mean it should not be published. I think the article is good and unique and more people shopuld be free to express themselves as the author does, without being attacked by people such as in this comments section.

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2018-06-05 10:12:23

This article depicts the true picture of biased narrow minded indian journalist who is selling his rotten eggs in a beautiful basket (the munich eye). I would seriously suggest Mr. Tyagi to leave this great profession of journalism or adopt other ways to get cheap fame. As the way he pen down his thoughts are nothing except hatred which shows how mentally sick he is. Moreover, i have serous doubts on credibility of editoroal page if "The Munich eye" that there is no reviewing policy before publishing anything. Furthermore, Mr. Tiyagi, I am a pakistani lawyer based in Munich and i have came across number of cases about one particular community (will not name it as you might not want to hear that) and in which activities they are involved in within the country and out of the country. At the end, i would sayI dont blame you on the narrative which you have inscribed in your article based on your limited knowledge but The Munich eye what sort of publication they are promoting.?

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2018-03-14 23:59:42

Is this a joke?

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2018-03-14 19:50:51

This is not the language you use in an article. Please learn some manners

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Ali Azfar
2017-07-28 15:38:21

The article is based on pure hatred and bias of author towards pakistan. - Regarding chinese, they were in an area rattled with indian proxies, army gives special protection of levis to foreigners in the area. - Regarding refugees, india is no less than Pakistan. Link given below: - Regarding terrorism, india is 3rd in highest terrorist attacks, pakistan is at 4th, should we ban every indian travelling from india? I guess no. - I lost my interest after that, instead of facts author has only shared some of his own views with some links.

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