Serial thieves arrested

style="float: right; margin-bottom: 10px; font-weight: 600;"Fri 16th Apr, 2010

Shortly after a robbery at a Shell petrol station at Moosacher Straße, the police caught the two thieves, who subsequently confessed to several other thefts in the area recently.

Munich. The most recent break-in happened on wednesday night: a masked man armed with a gun robbed the Shell petrol station at Moosacher Straße. He threatened the shop assistant and demanded money, he left with over 200 Euro in stolen cash.

During the interrrogation, the two criminals admitted to two other crimes: the first one occured on the 12th of March 2010, in a casino at the Frankfurter Ring. They terrorised a 31 year old casino worker and a 42 year old customer. The robbers took cash from the till and many DVD's, before escaping unrecognised.

One day later they stole from a petrol station in Milbertshofen. Similarly masked and armed with a knife, they took cash from the shop attendant who was working alone in the shop. After the 30 year old woman gave them a few hundred Euro, the criminals took several bottles of alcoholic spirits, boxes of cigarettes and then proceeded to escape before they could be captured.

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