Oktoberfest: Track your calories

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Soon it will be time for the Oktoberfest, and many people will go to the Wies'n to eat, drink and party. Just how healthy is the food served at the Oktoberfest?

In this article we give you a breakdown of the calories contained in the 'Wies'n foods', from the reason for the season (maß Bier) to Lebkuchen Herz (Gingerbread heart), which is not really meant to be eaten but to be worn around the neck. You might want to go to the gym this winter to burn off these calories...or you may choose to retain them, just in case this winter turns out to be half as harsh as last year's. Whichever you choose, we at The Munich Eye Health wish you a pleasant Oktoberfest season.


German Term                    English translation                                                       Calories                  
Maß Bier Bavarian Unit of measure for beer (I litre) 470
Große Laugen Brezel Large Pretzel 250
Weißwurst Bavarian veal sausage 287
Halbes Brathendl Half a kilo roast chicken 700
Schweinsbraten Roast pork 570


Fish on a stick 400
Ochs am Spieß Ox roasted on a spit 520
Schweineschnitzel Pork cutlet 690
Dampfnudel Yeast dumpling 400
Dampfnudel (mit vanillesoße) Yeast dumpling (with vanilla sauce) 680
Kaiserschmarrn mit Rosinen Cut-up and sugared pancake with raisins 678
Kaiserschmarrn mit Apfelmus Cut-up and sugared pancake with apple puree or sauce 800
Obazda Savoury cheese spread 480
Radler - Maß Litre of a mixture of beer and lemonade 350
Apfelschorle (0,5 Liter) Apple spritzer (1/2 Litre) 145
Teller Gulaschsuppe A plate of goulash soup 260
Teller Leberknödelsuppe A plate of liver dumpling soup 160
Krautsalat Coleslaw 240
Kartoffelsalat Potato salad 300
Pommes Frites Chips/French fries 484
Semmelknödel Bread dumpling 304
Kartoffelknödel Potato dumpling 178
Sauerkraut Sauerkraut/Pickled sour cabbage 50
Blaukraut Red cabbage 70
Radi (Rettich) Radish (the big white one) 35
Radieserl Radish (the small red one) 30
Gebrannte Mandeln Cinnamon/sugar roasted almonds 590
Türkischer Honig Nougat 385
Zuckerwatte Candyfloss/cotton candy 358
Popcorn süß Popcorn (sweet) 420
Glasierter Apfel (pro Stück) Toffee apple/Candy apple (a piece) 160
Lebkuchenherz Gingerbreadheart 250

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