New prices in Munich: A taxi ride is much more expensive

Wed 18th May, 2022

Image by PexelsDriving a cab is becoming more expensive in Munich: one of the reasons is the increased price of gasoline. The new rates, which the city council will decide on today, Tuesday, are to apply from June. In addition, there will then be a new range tariff.

Already the basic price, which each passenger must pay, before the cab moves also only one meter, rises around 70 cent. From June, passengers will pay 5.30 euros instead of 4.60 euros. The price per kilometer will also increase from 2.10 euros per kilometer to 2.30 euros per kilometer. This means that for a ten-kilometer trip, say from the main train station to the hospital in Harlaching, you would no longer pay just under 26 euros, but more than 28 euros.

The waiting fare increases from 30 euros to 36 euros. The surcharge for the large-capacity cab will increase by one euro and now costs 8.50 euros.

Fixed fares are also going up: A trip from the main train station to the airport, which today costs a flat rate of 79 euros, will then cost 95 euros. A trip from the trade fair center to the airport will cost 85 euros in the future, up from 71 euros today. A cab from the trade fair center to the main train station will cost 39 euros under the new tariff.

In addition, cab drivers are to be allowed to offer new fixed prices - if customers so wish. Under this model, a ride of up to five kilometers would cost 20 euros, up to ten kilometers 34 euros and up to 45 kilometers 115 euros.

For example, 34 euros will get you from the Siegestor to the Allianz Arena. For 20 euros, you can get from the Wiesn either to the campsite in Thalkirchen to sleep - or to Club P1 to party.

If the agreed radius is exceeded, the cab driver automatically switches to the general rate. The basic fare of 5.30 euros then no longer applies. In the end, customers have to pay a price made up of the flat rate and the additional kilometers.

Image by Pexels


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