New luxury district planned

style="float: right; margin-bottom: 10px; font-weight: 600;"Thu 20th May, 2010

Munich. High above Gà¤rtnerplatz, possibly the most expensive flats in Munich are planned to be built. The city council agreed to a new city district on the premises of the old district heating power station.

Mayor Christian Ude is amazed by the view. He visited the 56m high tower of the old power station. The aged tower is hoped to become the new districts landmark.

The Investor "Alpha Invest Project" (AIP) unveiled the ensemble at "The Seven" at Müllerstraße. The company plans to maintain the building and update its facade and interior. According to AIP the upper floor is reserved for what will presumably be Munich's most expensive flats: luxury homes spread over two floors, if wished, with a beautiful view.

The remaining buildings of the power plant will be demolished and in its place the AIP plans a 4 to 5 storey building surrounding a courtyard. Flat renting will be possible. The ensemble will provide space for a health centre and a nursery. The city plans to spend over 5 million Euro on the nursery - a lot more than what is usually spent on day-care centres.

A complex for offices and shops will be built next door on the premises of Müllerstraße 3.

The city supports the project, however the Greens wanted to establish the house top for public use - as a panorama restaurant or a roof café. But Ude objects: that would be an "interference similar to disappropriation", if the authorities would grab parts of the building retroactively.

The majority of the city council agreed with the mayor. As a result AIP director Jörg Scheufele is not obligated to provide spaces for gastronomy. However he would sell the space to anyone who would be willing to turn it into a business. "But I'm sceptic", says Scheufele.

The citizens of Munich will be able to enjoy the panorama view twice a year from an outdoor deck.

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