My Forest Friend

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Hallo my friend, Mr. Forest
Nature cerates you
We exploit your goodness
Naturally created with God's will
Endowed with a package of trees
Of different varieties and species
A green zone well punctuated
With properly identical flowers and fruits
All beautiful and attractive
With an ecosystem that purifies air
And facilitates the life of other creatures
Oh! You are the center of attraction.
My natural friend knows how to give
Without hesitation and reluctance
The riches of Mr. Forest
Can only be experienced
And not only described
We can only employ a lot of words
And defeat as many sentences
To explain the functions of Mr. Forest
Yet to do it requires a lot
Of effort, courage and intelligence
Or possibly, will and dedication

Mr. Forest, the fairly loaded natural being
From which we can reliably get
All natural and organic
The visible and invisible
The tangible and intangible
Portable and bulky
Perishable and durable
Temporary and permanent
Whatever is needed or wanted
As our calling dictates
The real provider within our surroundings

Mr. Forest, a net of blessings
Worth satisfying our needs
With trees that helps us daily
In exchange of air and gasses
Excellently purified for consumption
Voluntarily acting as wind brakes
A safety net for birds, insects and animals
Singing, feeding and playing without limitation
Through evapo-transpiration
Adequate conventional rainfall is assured
To cool us and our surroundings
When the sun is at its best
We go in for shade.

When diseases attack us
We check in for herbal medicine
We get all natural medicine
When hunger strikes us
We focus on forests for food and fruits
When it comes to construction
Our eyes are on you, Mr. Forest
For timber and poles
All furniture for bed, seat, windows and doors
Fodder and bar are all from you
When it comes to water cleaning
You are concerned and ready to rescue
Your roots stabilize our soil capacity
As they recycle and balance nutrients
That is truly our reward from God!

Please Please Please
You, the adventurous and greedy man
Keep your hands off, eyes on my friend
To keep my life and my off springs
Don't trade in death and jealousy
For the future generation will curse you
Man, do all the good you can
By all the means you can
In all the ways you can
In all the places you can
As long as ever you can
With the space and resources you have
To protect, preserve and conserve, Mr. Forest
For your protection and sustainability
Plant as many trees as you can and can
Really afford! My dear.

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2019-10-10 02:25:14

What an enriching piece, eloquent and educational! Lovely! Thank you, Dr. M, for your words of wisdom and your activism! ­čÖĆ­čĆ╝ Deborah W

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