Munich halts establishment of vaccination centers

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First it was said at the end of March, now it could be mid-April until GPs vaccinate against Corona. At the same time, Munich stopped the construction of further vaccination centers - following a sudden order from the Free State. The state had previously called for more vaccination centers.

"This mess is causing a loss of credibility," says the head of the SPD faction in City Hall, Anne Hübner. Only recently, she says, the city council approved 66 million euros for three more vaccination centers.

Pilot project starts in Munich
Money has not yet been spent, according to the health department. However, administrative expenses were incurred - for the decision-making process and for the invitation to tender. At the same time, a pilot project is being launched in Munich that also sounds like a lot of red tape. From now on, three GP practices are to vaccinate against Corona.

But although vaccination is actually one of the "core competencies" of family doctors, as they are always told, they are dependent on the vaccination centers in this project. The centers send the vaccine - and an administrative assistant - to the GPs.

"The specialist then comes to the practice with his own laptop and printer and takes over the documentation," says Oliver Abbushi, chairman of the Bavarian GP Association in Munich. This is because the GPs do not have access to the vaccination software.

He hopes that more unbureaucratic solutions can soon be found together with the vaccination centers - so that in the end more than just three practices can participate in the project. "All we would really need is the password to the software."

Elementary school teachers to be vaccinated starting March 22
But what is the point of the project? Why can't the general practitioners just start? The health department says that the plans are based on concepts of the National Vaccination Strategy. The project serves to test the "handling" of the new vaccines. The pilot project does not delay the regular start of vaccination in doctors' offices.

Nevertheless, progress is slower in Munich than elsewhere. While teachers in the districts have already been vaccinated, they will be able to register here in a separate registration portal starting in mid-March. Starting March 22, elementary school teachers will be vaccinated. 30,000 people are among those eligible, according to the health department. That's too many for mobile vaccination teams, he says. That's why the city is preparing a "centralized offer.

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