Munich citizens survey

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Do you have payment obligations or debts? How would you rate the economic situation of your household? And how high is your monthly income?   Answers to these questions and more, the city expects from the citizens survey.

From 12th April to the end of May, approximately 10,000 Munich citizens will be interviewed.  Randomly selected Munich citizens have received a letter from Mayor Christian Ude with an invitation to participate in this large survey and the assurance that everything is done confidentially and in accordance with the provisions of data protection. The expensive (up to 180,000 euro) survey by the city hopes to find important insights about the social situation, living situation and the public opinions of their citizens.

The "Munich citizens survey 2010" will either be done by phone, or online for those people receiving the latter with an access code to their dedicated webpage. All others get a call from the Survey Institute "Market Research & Consulting Schà¤fenacker", which was already responsible for the previous campaign in 2005.  The results of 2010 to the first time are separatated by districts.

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