Munich Cage Eagles 4-3

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Mike Kompon scores winner in OT

Olympic Eissportzentrum, Munich - In front of 4,075 spectators EHC München beat the Mannheim Adler 4-3 in OT and remain in good position to get a bye from the pre-playoffs and rest up for the playoffs that will start a week after.

EHC gave their all on offense and defense in first period. Munich was playing as if they were in the playoffs; they were more physical than normal and attacked the net with 12 shots on goal versus only 8 by Mannheim. Munich was so aggressive that one of the players broke his hockey stick in two trying to keep possession of the puck at Mannheim's net. With 7:05 left in the 1st period Kyle Helms scored giving Munich a 1-0 lead.

Unfortunately, Munich didn't even have time to enjoy their lead because Mannheim's Michael Glumac scored 27 seconds later, tying the game at 1-1. Munich was able to pick up two power plays after Mannheim scored but were unable to take advantage thus ending the first period tied 1-1.

As the second period began, Mannheim continued Munich's intensity from the first period by scoring with only 1:44 into the period, giving Mannheim a 2-1 lead. Munich could not control the tempo as Cortina said, "We didn't fight, we were waiting for the goals." Munich were starting to panic as evidence of a hooking foul from Stéphane Julien in front of Munich's net that awarded Mannheim's Nicholas Dimitrakos a penalty shot and the chance to make it a 3-1 lead.

Fortunately for Munich, Sebastian Elwing was on top of his game because he was able to block the penalty shot and keep the game from escaping out from under their feet. Blocking the penalty shot gave Munich enough hope that they could still win. Munich's luck continued to improve when they were awarded a power play 9:28 into the period. Thirty-six seconds later Mannheim committed their second foul giving Munich a 5-on-3 power play. Munich was not lucky enough to take advantage of the 5-on-3 power play but was lucky enough to take advantage of the second power play. Just as the first power play ended making it 5-on-4, Munich's René Kramer passed the puck up the ice to Jordan Webb who made a pass to Martin Buchwieser right in front of Mannheim's goalie which resulted in a beautifully executed shot making it 2-2.

With all the luck that Munich had in the second period they could not keep Mannheim from scoring again. With 7:07 left in the second period, Mannheim's Craig MacDonald scored on a penalty play giving them a 3-2 lead. As Cortina said,"We had 4,080 spectators because we were watching a little bit in the second period."

In order for Munich to come out on top they needed to control the momentum and attack the net, which is exactly what they did. Munich started out the third period with a statement that showed Mannheim that they were not ready to give up yet. With assists from Martin Buchwieser and Eric Schneider, Jordan Webb was able to score 41 seconds into the third period making it 3-3. Throughout the rest of the third period Munich was able to play excellent defense and deny Mannheim from scoring which caused the game to go into OT.

Munich had some energy left because 21 seconds into OT Mike Kompon scored short handed with assists from Stéphane Julien and Eric Schneider ending the game 4-3.

EHC finish the regular season with two derby matches.  On Friday, they travel to Augsburg to take on the Panthers.  Munich complete the regular season at home on Sunday, March 13th against ERC Ingolstadt.  Face-off at 14:30.

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