Marienplatz Makeover

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The hub of Munich, Marienplatz, is getting a total makeover. Since the completion of the renovation of the Karlsplatz (Stachus) underground station, there is demand that something be  done with the one at the Marienplatz. Bringing this heavily-travelled station up to date with the other stations along the main line that goes through the centre of town has become a priority for the city's transportation system.

Among the most noticeable and state-of-the-art stations are Münchner Freiheit and Karlsplatz, which have undergone a serious change in façade. Münchner Freiheit offers a green and blue light spectacle, while Karlsplatz boasts an all-white underground shopping and traveling experience.

This combination of transport and commerce is the best of both worlds that the designers of the new underground station at the Marienplatz intend to create. The familiar orange and blue tiles that formerly lined the station's walls will be replaced by a red ceiling

The new underground station at the Marienplatz will combine the best of both of these worlds. It will be rid of the orange and blue tiles in favor of a red ceiling, blue tiles, silver, and much more light. The red in the ceiling is meant to identify Munich - definitely a plus for the FC Bayern fans out there. The light concept in the ceiling was designed by the same architect that created the impressive Münchner Freiheit station, while the white and silver look similar to the Karlsplatz station. The goal is to both modernise the space and create the illusion of a lighter and more expansive space while under ground.

Architect Ludwig Wappner has described the design and the ideas behind the new and improved station, which is scheduled to be completed sometime between 2014 and 2015, but the exact date or even year has not been finalised.

Piece by piece, Marienplatz will undergo its transformation until it is eventually revealed sometime roughly two years from now. After many years of planning and construction, it will apparently be quite an aesthetic spectacle.

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