Marienhof is back

style="float: right; margin-bottom: 10px; font-weight: 600;"Sun 19th May, 2013

Munich's favorite chill out spot right behind the Rathaus has returned to its green glory!

Originally closed off in 2011, the green patch behind Munich's town hall has been under construction for around two years. The prep work for Munich's second S-Bahn line prompted the digging, where remains of old walls, latrines, and canals were unexpectedly found. Archaeologists went to work to excavate the site, pausing S-Bahn preperations and dragging out the reopening of the small park.

The work was completed in November of last year, as construction workers filled up the hole and topped it with gravel. It was opened to the public to walk across, with just a few benches and trash cans. The park was, however, uninviting due to the cold appearance, without any traces of the oasis it once was.

In the last few weeks, the park has undergone a transformation. Pathways have been constructed, park benches placed, and grass was rolled out like a red carpet for the citizens of Munich. Though the plot is once again green and inviting and will soon open to the public, it will not last as long as hoped. In 2015 the Marienhof will go back under construction as the creation of the second line commences.

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