Letter bomb intercepted at Munich airport

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Following a letter explosion at Lidl headquarters and a parcel explosion at a beverage manufacturer, a suspicious package has also been discovered in Munich. In a distribution center near Munich Airport, autorities intercepted and defused the mail item, the Heidelberg Public Prosecutor's Office and the Baden-Württemberg State Criminal Police Office announced. The package was addressed to a food company based in Bavaria.

Bavarian LKA involved in investigation
Investigations into all three cases are being pooled centrally at the two authorities in Baden-Württemberg, "as it is currently assumed that there is a connection between the offenses." The Bavarian State Criminal Police Office is also closely involved. All of the mailings were addressed to food companies.

While opening a letter, an explosion had occurred at the Lidl headquarters in Neckarsulm (Heilbronn district) on Wednesday afternoon, injuring three people. Previously, an employee was injured in the goods receiving department of a beverage manufacturer in Eppelheim (Rhine-Neckar district) on Tuesday. According to police, a package that the man had accepted was responsible for the small explosion. He suffered blast trauma. Those injured in the detonations have since left the hospital.

Specialists examine the trace materials secured at the crime scenes and at the defused shipment in order to track down the perpetrator or perpetrators as quickly as possible, according to police and the public prosecutor's office. A motive is not yet apparent. The prosecution did not give an answer to the question of how the suspicious package could be identified in Munich.

Photo by Gabriel Cordova Estevao


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