Italy starts vacation season despite Corona

style="float: right; margin-bottom: 10px; font-weight: 600;"Sun 16th May, 2021

"Book now, we look forward to seeing you!" With these words, Italy's Prime Minister Mario Draghi is now courting tourists. The invitation has been in effect since Saturday and is linked to relaxation for vacationers. This is to be made possible by the so-called "green passport", with which Italy is anticipating an EU system.

The basis of the tourist invitation by the Italian prime minister are further falling Corona numbers. According to data released Friday, the seven-day incidence fell below the level of 100, as it did in Germany, with authorities registering about 96 new infections per 100,000 inhabitants within a week (as of May 13). Three Italian regions even fell below the level of 50. Nearly 8,000 people are infected with the coronavirus per day in Italy.

The country of 60 million inhabitants in southern Europe is embarking on a course of relaxing its rules in view of the fact that Corona* numbers have been falling for weeks. As of Monday, all regions, with the exception of the Aosta Valley in the north, are to be designated as so-called yellow zones. Low Corona restrictions apply here due to a moderate virus risk.

Corona rules in Italy: restaurants open until 10 p.m.Specifically, this means the following rules in the yellow zones:

  • Restaurants and bars can open until 10 p.m.
  • Hotels are allowed to receive tourists
  • Museums, theaters and cinemas are open
  • Retail shops and swimming pools can open.
  • Outdoor sports are allowed

However, a curfew from 10 p.m. to five a.m. continues to apply throughout Italy. This will probably also apply beyond Whitsun. However, there are discussions about shortening it - the curfew could then apply from 11 p.m. or from midnight.Faced with falling numbers, Italy is now aggressively courting tourists and anticipating an EU regulation due in mid-June with its so-called "green passport." The most important change for vacationers is now that the quarantine after entry is waived if travelers can show a negative PCR or antigen rapid test that is not older than 48 hours. Even those who have been fully vaccinated and have already recovered can enter the country.This iswhat Italy calls its "green passport. So this is not an explicit passport document. Draghi means by "green passport" various certificates of vaccination, test or recovery.

Vacations in Italy despite Corona: return home also made easier

It has not yet been decided whether foreign vacationers will have to carry a certificate in Italian or English. It certainly can't do any harm. With this "green passport" vacationers may travel then also freely between orange and red zones.For German holidaymakers, by the way, the quarantine on the return journey has recently been dropped, as Germany has removed Italy from the list of high-risk areas. For re-entry, a negative rapid antigen test not older than 48 hours or a PCR test not older than 72 hours is now sufficient.

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