How to Update your Android Operating System

The uses of smartphones, smartwatches and other devices that use the Android operating system have rampantly increased. Many people have adopted the Android operating system because the system enables the user to operate the system in a user-friendly manner. It is less complicated.

However, online gambling users have found it difficult or some of them are ignorant of how they can update the Android Operating System. Failure to upgrade the system has resulted in them not enjoying more updated and latest versions of the system.

The good part of the system is that it usually notifies you when a new update is available. The problem will arise when the user doesn't have enough knowledge on how to upgrade to the new version of the system.

Recently Google released their laest Android Operating System which is named Pie. Android Pie will be coming to your smartphones very soon and you must have the full knowledge on how you can update your smartphone to android 9.0 (Pie).


Steps on How to Upgrade the Android Operating System

When an Android Operating System update is available, a notification will pop up on your smartphone. Follow these steps to make sure you successfully install the Android system on your phone:

  1. Backup Data: Before you upgrade your phone with a new version of Android make sure all your files and other important stuff have been backed up. The process of upgrading the Android system can affect some of your important files. Therefore you have to make sure that the upgrade process will not affect any of the aforesaid.

  2. Enter Setting: Navigate to the setting bar on your smartphone and scroll down to the about phone option. Thereafter look for software updates option. This will give you options on either you want to update automatically or manually. You are allowed to opt for any form of an update that suits you and your time.

  3. Search for available updates: Your smartphone will search for the available updates; take note the system can only update via the use of WIFI or data from your service provider.

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