Greece bars unvaccinated from restaurants

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Unvaccinated holidaymakers could soon find Greek wine stuck in their throats. That's because the increasing incidence in Greece means new Corona measures are coming to tourists and locals who have yet to provide proof of a full Covid 19 vaccination in their digital immunization record.

In other words, unvaccinated people will not be allowed to enter the interiors of restaurants and cultural venues. This means that listening to Greek music and eating traditional dishes could be difficult from now on. Fortunately, life in sunny Greece is mostly outdoors. Nevertheless, this step is a Corona slap in the face even for party-loving vacationers, although the ban on dancing for vacationers and locals in bars and clubs was already a done deal.

The new Corona rules were presented by Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis (53) still on Monday evening, July 12, 2021. In addition, he stated that employees in the health sector and in the care of the elderly, as in France, must also undergo mandatory Covid 19 vaccination in the future. If they do not, they could face suspension from work."We will not close the country again because of the attitude of some," the prime minister made it clear during his speech on state television that a zero-tolerance approach would be taken toward vaccination refusers.

Compulsory vaccination for healthcare workers: Prime Minister Mitsotakis gives reasons and speaks of double threat

The justification followed directly on its heels. Obvious and sensible in equal measure: Patients in intensive care units are "99 percent unvaccinated," Mitsotakis explained the decision. That's because Greece, like other countries, faces a double threat: the more aggressive delta variant of the coronavirus and unvaccinated people. "It is not Greece that is at risk, but the unvaccinated," Mitsotakis made his position clear.

Incidentally, the vaccination requirement will also apply to all conscripts in the future.The lifting of the recently adopted wide-ranging Corona relaxations had been necessary because the incidence in Greece is in a significant upward trend in the last ten days. The number of new infections stands at 2063 on Tuesday, July 13, 2021, while the incidence is 133.4. In addition, there were 10 deaths related to Covid-Sars-2.

On the one hand, these Corona infection figures do not sound so dramatic, at least when compared with the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, or Spain. This is because, although the UK has an incidence of well over 320, the government led by Prime Minister Boris Johnson has decided to lift almost all Corona measures.An example that the Greek government is not following, but is taking a similar path to two other European countries that are struggling with similar incidence trends. The Netherlands, for example, is shutting down again, while in Spain, respectively, the Catalonia region, including the metropolis of Barcelona, is closing beaches and bars at night.

Incidence in Greece heads for the critical 200 mark - quarantine obligation after vacation on Crete, Corfu or Rhodes?

Still the critical 200er mark is not reached with the incidence in Greece, but the trend steers with seven-mile boots to it, if one considers the development of the past days in the eye. Therefore Greece vacationers should know that now. Because finally it could become clearly more unpleasant also for German Greece vacationers on the sun islands such as Crete, Corfu, Rhodes as well as Santorini.In the domestic Federal Republic could wait finally after the vacation in Greece the arranged quarantine obligation of the health offices. Also, if a Portugal vacationer had sued just successfully before the administrative court against it.

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