Foreigners think a Mass is cheap

style="float: right; margin-bottom: 10px; font-weight: 600;"Thu 20th Sep, 2012

With the ever-rising prices of a mass reaching approximately 9,30 Euro this year, many natives and Wies'n frequenters think it is becoming too expensive. Foreigners however, do not agree; to them a mass at the Oktoberfest is almost a steal.

Norwegians are lucky; a mass in Munich is half the cost of the same size beer at home. They can drink twice as much before they start feeling sorry about the dent in their pocket. Australians have 5 mass for the price of 4 back home and Italians can rest assured that at Italian week-end (3rd Oktoberfest weekend), they will be paying 13% less than they would back in Italy.

The losers in this game are South Africans, paying almost double what they would if they drank a beer in their country, and Austrians who pay 15% more for a mass at Oktoberfest than having one in Austria.

Oktoberfest will be profitable nonetheless, as everyone will bite the bullet and shell out the cash for the all-time high price of a mass. Wies'n time is the best time!

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