Federal government raises 200 billion euros for greater energy security

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The German government wants to spend 200 billion euros in the coming years on climate change and greater independence from oil and gas imports.

Finance Minister Christian Lindner (FDP) and Climate Minister Robert Habeck (Greens) have agreed on this in the current budget discussions for 2022 and the following years, both confirmed on Sunday.

Linder emphasized on ARD television the goal of becoming more independent in terms of energy supply. "I assume that by 2026 we will earmark about 200 billion euros for climate protection, charging infrastructure, hydrogen technology, the modernization of industry, also the abolition of the EEG levy to relieve people," Lindner said.

He said he was now eager to hear proposals to speed up planning law, to reduce bureaucracy so that these "huge funds" can be put to good use.

Economics and Climate Protection Minister Robert Habeck also expressed his satisfaction with the outcome of the negotiations. "More urgently than ever, we need to invest in our energy sovereignty," he told Reuters news agency.

Habeck warned of a difficult next winter in the event that coal or gas supply chains from Russia were to break off. If the supply chains were to break, the coming winter would be challenging, Habeck told ZDF television. "We will be able to pass the spring and summer well, but the next winter still worries me a bit."

Although he is in favor of phasing out nuclear power, he said, that's why they are looking at whether operating nuclear power plants in Germany for longer would do any good. "But from what can be foreseen, that is not the case."

With regard to coal-fired power, Habeck said it was a possibility "to keep power plants in reserve" just in case. But they should not continue to run. "In reserve means they are kept in reserve, they are not scrapped, but they are no longer operating."

He stressed the need to work toward becoming as independent as possible from fossil fuels. With regard to the climate, Habeck said, "After all, we have the other crisis, which we must not lose sight of."

Regarding the sharp rise in prices at gas stations, Lindner ruled out tax cuts for fuel. "The state can only cushion this, redistribute it, but it cannot cancel it out," he said on "Bild TV."Because the only way to finance such tax cuts would be through new debt, but "I'm not in favor of taking a loan from our grandchildren, so to speak, for the current increase in fuel prices."

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