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Seasonal fruit and vegetables delivered right to your doorstep in the heart of the city – sounds like a dream come true? In reality, it is a service many enjoy.

Organic farms like Kirchdorf and Amperhof make regular deliveries of fruit and vegetables accessible to Munich residents through their websites. In light of the recent E. coli outbreak, many people throughout Europe have become very concerned about where their fresh produce is grown. While sprouts cultivated in Northern Germany have been identified as the source, many consumers are still quite wary of raw vegetables. Regardless, organic vegetables are generally very safe for consumption. On their website, the Kirchdorf farm reassures customers that they primarily deliver regional vegetables straight from Bavarian fields, which have been confirmed as free from E. coli bacteria. In addition, they explain that the use of liquid manure, which may carry the bacteria, is unnecessary, and all vegetables are washed well with clean water following the harvest. 

Local produce offers added benefits, namely supporting the local economy and reducing strain on the environment through shorter distances between the farmer and the consumer. As well, shorter distances mean that the fruit and vegetables are fresher and richer in nutrients. The Munich area organic farms offer a box scheme, where customers can order a mix of fruit and vegetables for around €14 to €22. The box is delivered on a weekly basis. Alternately, customers can log into the farms’ online shops to put together their own selection of items. Many farms also offer local cheeses, eggs, meats and preserves.

Kirchdorf, for example, sells interesting vegetable varieties that are not commonly seen at markets here, such as Asian greens (bok choi, chrysanthemum greens, and mizuna), long red radishes and Jerusalem artichokes. However, a drawback of the service is that the farms generally only deliver once per week on a designated day. If your groceries are delivered on Tuesday for a meal you are planning to prepare on the weekend, many of the fresh items might not last until the weekend. Despite this, the organic box scheme is worth trying out, especially if you do not usually have time to shop at a local market. Organic farms that deliver to different areas of Munich: 

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