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You are new to Germany and are probably wondering what the best services are. Let's just say you have no idea where to start from. Which dentist to go to. The store with the best quality. The hospital with a name. The best insurance to take... the list goes on. Well, thanks to the cooperation partners ServiceValue, Goethe University, Frankfurt and "Die Welt" who compiled a list for service ranking, called "Service Champions", this week we will give you a list of pharmacies, private clinics, and fitness studios and how they ranked among the service industries studied in Germany.
The study was a broad-based customer survey on service experience, the "Service Experience Score" (SES). A total of nearly 1 million customers voiced their judgments on about 1,000 companies and 100 industries. On a general level, the examined companies who have created the best service experience to their customers and still go on doing it are Kieser Training with a total ranking value of 89.5%, second place goes to Seat with 88.2%, and the third to ADAC.
Out of the 1073 companies, those between 1-100 were ranked as Gold, between 101 to 200 Silver, and 201-300 Bronze.

The ranking of fitness studios
The service experience value for gyms in general currently stands at 60.1%, a relatively high percentage. Kieser Training, the overall winner of the Service Champions stands at a value of 89.5%. Service at the fitness centres seems to be the most satisfying, with five out of the ten listed here ranking as Gold.

1 Kieser Training 89,5
16 Injoy 83,3
62 HealthCity 72,7
88 Mrs. Sporty 71,3
99 McFit Fitness 70,5
494 Easy Sports 54,5
>500 Clever fit < 54,3
>500 Fitness First Germany < 54,3
>500 Holmes Place < 54,3
>500 Team World of Fitness < 54,3

                                                                                                                                          Source: ServiceValue

Private clinic ranking
Private clinical chains were also part of the tested service companies. Their overall value ranking was 53.4% at position 48, with Helios Kliniken taking the lead at 69.1% and an overall ranking of 117 (silver), followed by Rhön Kliniken and closely after by Asklepios Kliniken, at 63.5%, both bronze.

117 Helios Kliniken 69,1
218 Rhön Kliniken 63,9
234 Asklepios Kliniken 63,50
>500 Damp Gruppe < 54,3
>500 Mediclin < 54,3
>500 Paracelsus Kliniken < 54,3
>500 Sana-Kliniken < 54,3
>500 Schön Kliniken < 54,3
>500 SRH Kliniken < 54,3

                                                                                                                                       Source: ServiceValue

The ranking of pharmaceutical companies
The service experience value for co-pharmacies is currently at 53.1%, and takes 51st place amongst other service providers. The leading branch winner is among other pharmacies was LINDA pharmacy, with a percentage value of 76.6% and an overall rank of 38 (Gold).

38 LINDA Apotheke 76,60%
315 gesund leben apotheke 60,90%
>500 A-plus Apotheke < 54,3%
>500 Gesund ist bunt Apotheke < 54,3%
>500 Guten Tag Apotheke < 54,3%
>500 meine apotheke < 54,3%
>500 Partner Apotheke < 54,3%
>500 vivesco Apotheke < 54,3%

                                                                                                                                               Source: ServiceValue

We hope you now have an idea of where to go if you want to experience the best service. In the coming weeks we will give you details on dentists, hospitals, and insurance companies to go for when you are in Munich or in Germany.

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