City Planning in Munich for 2010

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Despite financial difficulties, Munich city council will begin new projects in 2010 and invest a total of 660 million euros. There will be new day care centers, an extended U3 to Moosach, a new bear enclosure in the zoo, and more investment in the look of the city, reports Abendzeitung.

Children: In 2010, 15 nurseries with 775 children places and 225 hostels places finished. Cost: 33 million euros. In addition, over 900 new nursery places in 24 other institutions will be created.

Cycling: Munich is indeed a city of cyclists (with a share of 14 per cent) of the transport. But with a marketing campaign cycling will be promoted further. For this, one-way streets for cyclists (goes in the opposite direction) will be opened and problematic points including the Paul-Heyse-underpass or Baldeplatz will be eliminated. Gaps in the cycle network such as Einstein Street, Orleans, Seidl or Rosenheimerstraße will be closed.

MVV: The extension of the subway U3 to Moosach with two stations will be completed by the end of the year. Thus, there is now a connection to the S-Bahn: S1 line with the airport. In spring, the MVG will start with the new, 4.5 kilometers long tram line from Effnerplatz to St. Emeran. For the tram-west tangent space from Romanplatz to Aidenbachstraße the city council takes the principle decision in spring.

Roads: For the Landshuter Allee and the Tegernsee Landstraße the feasibility studies will be made on noise and improving air quality.  The building of a new tunnel was excluded by city councilor Ude because of financial reasons.

Stachus: The new underground is expected to be fully opened in September.

City arrangement: In Autumn begins reconstruction of the Harass. With the realignment of the Albert Roßhaupter and Plinganserstraße to the south a generous space will be created.
In the summer, the works will begin on the middle part of the northern part of Pasing train station with a two-story, 76-meter-long terminal construction.

Tierpark: In the summer, the new five million euro and 3,000-square-meter natural bear enclosure will be finished.

Olympics: In the autumn the opening ceremony for the new "Small Olympic Hall" will be held, then another one for the opening of the refurbished large Olympic hall.

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