Chance to Own a Bavarian Lake

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Restaurant, swimming pool and farm are for sale from 2.5 million Euros. Penzing – Do you already have a villa and a yacht? Then you are just missing a step to happiness: a private lake.  And this is exactly what you can now buying in Penzing - about 60 km away from Munich.

"Become a lake owner", states the unusual online offer. The complete package includes not only the 11 acres of waters, but also an outdoor pool with built lakeside restaurant and a waterfront farm (in need of renovation) What is the cost? Between 2.2 and 2.5 million €.

The current owner is Franz Voggenauer (58).He has inherited the site from his parents. "It is too much for me," he explains why he wants to separate the property. "I'm three times too small to manage all of this." The lake Penzinger is located near Wasserburg am Inn in the Rosenheim district. Pike, perch and carp thrive well in the 5.5-meter-deep water. It is also a haven for outdoor swimmers; on a beautiful summer over 2000 people come here to refresh themselves. Admission is € 2.50 adults, children € 1.50.There is a dock, cabins, a sunbathing area and a kiosk.
It has been reported that 126 investors are interested in the area, many from Austria. "But so far nothing has happened." says the lake-owner Voggenauer. Negotiations with the community that was interested in the lake, failed.

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