Celebrations for Town Anniversary

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Wolfratshausen. In 2011, Wolfratshausen town will celebrate its 50th anniversary. The preparations for the festival programm are flourishing. Amongst other things there will be a small historical folks fest in May.

"The biggest part of the programme is already set", reports mayor Helmut Forster. The events will be spread across the entire year. The prelude is Starkbiertreffen with politician mocking and pensioner afternoon on the 25th and 26th of March at the Loisachhalle.

From the 11th to the 17th May there will be a small folks festival at the car park in front of the cultural centre. The town hall director hopes for a "fun event for families" with a kids carousel, raffle ticket booths and games of skill. The small stands are intended to remind people of previous folk fests from older times.

There won't be any space for bigger carnival rides - and they are not wanted: "we are not allowed to damage the new car park. The structures can't be too heavy and the ground can't be opened up." The Loisachhalle next to the car park will be used as a festival tent.

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