Celebrate Earth's day with this heart-warming tale

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To celebrate Earth's day 2012, DisneyNature has released a new nature film, this time about Chimpanzees, and about a very lucky 3-year old chimp called Oscar.

See the preview here:


So what is the story behind this film?
Jane Goodall is a famous British primatologist who has worked with wild chimpanzees for over 45 years at the Gombe Stream National Park, Tanzania. While she was not involved in the production of the movie, she is promoting it, and shared this to the press:

-When they first began this film they were delighted because a mother had a baby and they called him Oscar and the whole plan for the film was built around watching Oscar develop and watching his relationship with the rest of the community and through that, getting to know the community members.-

But then, the most unlikely event happened:

-The mother of Oscar was killed by a leopard and they thought the whole film is destroyed, what are we going to do? Then amazingly, the top ranking male who was a crusty kind of guy chimp adopted this baby and his whole personality changed and he became very gentle, he became much less involved with his position as leader.-

Even though Jane Goodall is now retired from research she spends most of her time fighting for the protection of chimpanzees all around the world, through the Jane Goodall Institute (JGI, www.janegoodall.org).

-This film, hopefully will really raise a banner not about the dangers facing the chimps but about how amazing they are and how much like us they are. And yes, we should be protecting them, so please help JGI to protect them.-

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