Accident: flying deer hits cyclist

style="float: right; margin-bottom: 10px; font-weight: 600;"Thu 22nd Apr, 2010

Brunnthal. A 68-year-old cyclist has been seriously injured in an accident when he was hit by a deer, flying through the air after a collision with a car. The unusual accident occurred Tuesday against 14.30 on the way from Kirchstockach to Brunnthal.

A a 48-year-old driver was driving his car about 150 meters from his home in Brunnthal, when suddenly a young deer ran directly in front of the car from the left across the field. The driver immediately slammed on the brakes, but could not avoid a collision. He hit the animal with the right side of his car and then stopped. The deer was hurled through the air and hit a 68-year-old, who was cycling his bike in the opposite direction. The cyclist fell and despite wearing a helmet suffered life-threatening head injuries.

He was quickly brought to a Munich clinic. According to police spokesman he is now out of danger. The 48-year-old driver was unscathed in the incident and his car not damaged. The deer was killed instantly.

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