Italy to Implement New Beach Shower Regulation for Summer 2024

Sun 17th Mar, 2024

As the influx of tourists to Italy swells annually, the beaches often find themselves inundated with crowds. Beach operators, consequently, face a flurry of activity. However, this year's holiday season brings with it a sense of apprehension. On one hand, there's a shortage of lifeguards, and on the other, a new mandate from Rome is adding pressure on operators. This directive stipulates that tourists must be able to rinse off using potable water in beach showers.

The implementation of these new shower regulations has stirred discontent among beach operators across Italy. According to a report by Corriere citing the Italian portal Il Messaggero, time is running short for many operators, particularly those managing paid beaches. As highlighted by the Berliner Morgenpost, a significant number of beach showers are not connected to the water network. Instead, operators rely on water from wells, subject to regular laboratory testing. Moreover, numerous swimming pool showers lack connections to the water network.

Operators, such as those in Tuscany, are facing pressure to alter their water supply sources by summer. Carlo Ricci, spokesperson for the Confartigianato Balneari association, representing bathing establishment operators in southern Tuscany, emphasized the challenges. "Almost all bathing establishments here rely on well water. Connecting to the aqueducts entails intricate infrastructure work and substantial investments," stated Ricci.

Aside from logistical hurdles, there are growing concerns regarding excessive water consumption during the summer months. Confesercenti, a trade association encompassing many Italian lido operators, underscores worries about potential water shortages. Particularly vulnerable are small communities experiencing a quadrupled population surge in summer compared to winter. Moreover, even communities with numerous bathing establishments face the risk of diverting drinking water from other sectors, such as hotels and holiday apartments. This concern isn't new; in 2022, many regions in Italy had already implemented water rationing measures during the scorching summer.

Operators lament that compliance with the new regulations would necessitate extensive digging and laying of water pipes to supply showers with potable water. In response, they're mobilizing efforts to challenge the directive, petitioning the regional parliament in Tuscany for its repeal. Ricci expressed grave concerns, stating, "The repercussions are significant: non-compliance could lead to hefty fines and even closure of bathing establishments." Such outcomes, he insists, are untenable for the association.


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