Germany Private Health Insurance Comparison Tool for Foreigners

Check the average price of private health insurance in Germany

Part of the problem with the Germany health insurance system, is that for private insurance, users are unable to roughly compare how much others in a similar situation are paying for their insurance. This is actually quite an important piece of information, knowledge of which can help you negotiate a more competitive quote. To this end, we have created an anonymous tool to allow our site's readers to discover how much their fellow expatriates and German nationals are contributing, on average. Use the form below to enter your own details and see how your monthly amount compares to others in the same insurance category as yourself.
This tool is completely anonymous (we collect no personally identifable data) and is used only for foreigners to gain a rough estimate of the average private insurance rates paid for by their peers with equivalent relevant life circumstances.
By accurately filling out the form, the data you enter will be anonymously stored and used as feedback into the tool to provide a more accurate reading for other users.

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