Social media apps that were quietly forgotten

We have a lot of apps that we used to use before the now-famous ones. Some can't even remember they even existed. That is because things come and go; just like people die, plants die, things go out of fashion too. Just like with online casinos or betting sports online, the more interesting new games are released. while some old ones get forgotten in the process. Here is a list of social media apps that you have probably forgotten about.


Some people don't even remember the name, yet peach was a social media app created by Vine's Dom Hoffman. It allowed users to chat with friends and to also post updates just like Facebook and Instagram. After its debut in 2016, it went viral but in no time it just went quiet. It is still available for download.


Ello was introduced in 2014 as an ad-free social network app. It valued privacy and did not collect user data. It became an anti-Facebook app and gained a fanbase for some time. Some people know about it while some have no idea about it. However, the app still exists but it is just not as popular as it was. In 2017 it even rebranded as a network for creativity. Some sports betting sites usa still use it for brand exposure.


Before Facebook and Instagram's live streaming feature, people relied on Meerkat for live streaming back in 2015. It became a very popular app as people loved its feature. The glory was short-lived though, as it connected users through Twitter. When Twitter finally launched its own live streaming, Meerkat cracked and now had limited access to the Twitter API. It was now seen as reliant on another app for growth leading to its downfall. In 2016 Meerkat was removed from both thw Android and Apple stores.


This was an app that could allow users to make and upload a 6-second video. Users would share with friends on the same platform. It soon became popular and a hub for art. It even launched the music career of Shawn Mendes. Sadly the app didn't survive long as it shut down in 2016 following an announcement by Twitter.

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