Munich Rejects Third Runway

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The city of Munich's ellectorate do not support the construction of the third runway at Munich's Franz Josef Strauss Airport. It was voted down in a referendum by 54,4% of the public. The city of Munich holds 23% of the shares of Flughafen München GmbH (FMG), which is a limited liability company. Meanwhile, the Free State of Bavaria have 51% and the Federal Republic of Germany 26% of the remaining shares. According to the shareholders' agreement, a unanimous vote of all parties is required to make any changes.

The tally shows 181.675 citizens rejected the third runway in Sunday's vote. Only 32,2% of about 1 million eligible voters took part in the poll.

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In only 4 districts (Altstadt, Bogenhausen, Trudering and Thalkirchen), a majority voted for the runway.

This referendum was specifically about whether the city of Munich would support the third runway in the shareholders´ meeting. The airport is going to continue its plans for the project regardless of the referendum, and the state government has reiterated its continued support.

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