Major bus crash in Eching near Freising

Thirty children between the ages of 8 and 14 were involved in a bus crash on their way home from a school trip in which three were seriously hurt

In the early hours of Thursday morning, many children had become trapped and had to be freed with rescue equipment. One child was even caught under the bus. Many of the children were injured, along with the bus driver and two supervisors.

The children, who come from in and around Dachau, were on a school trip to Munich's Franz Josef Strauß Airport. They were on their way home, having turned onto the A92 towards Freising-South and East-Eching, when the bus skidded due to heavy rain and hail and overturned. Three trucks and a car careered into the bus, which seriously injured two additional people. Neither of these accidents resulted in a fatality.

It was the largest rescue and clean-up effort this area has seen in recent years; more than 200 workers were involved. The Freising City Fire Inspector Anton Frankl, who was director of the rescue operations on site, stated that the area of the accident resembled "a battlefield" when he first arrived on the scene.


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