Children with testicular pain need immediate medical attention

Munich (dpa) - If a child suffers from testicular pain he should be taken to a doctor - immediately. This is because the pain may have been caused by a dangerous twisting of the testicles around its own axis, a so-called torsion.

Parents should take their sons immediately to the doctor if the son suffers severe pain in the testicles. The Foundation for Child Health in Munich does not recommend wasting valuable time with cooling. Testicular torsion is an emergency that needs immediate surgery. This is because when the testicles are twisted; the channel with the blood vessels is tightened, blocking blood flow to the testicles. If the blood flow is cut off from the testicles for too long then the testicles may be permanently damaged.

It is recommended that one sees a doctor within four to six hours of the initial pain. After six hours the sperm-forming cells are killed. Waiting a little longer leads to the hormone-producing cells being killed too, after which the testicles must be removed. The affected party would then have to rely on hormone treatment for the rest of his life.

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