New Data Proves German Soccer Fans Are Amongst The Most Patriotic In Europe

German fans proud of their coloursGermans have never been famous for their patriotism, perhaps only outdone by the English in their unwillingness to fly the national flag. Indeed, as with the St George's, the Black, Red, and Gold tricolor has been associated with a national pride that many Germans have been reluctant to embrace openly in our modern history.

One exception to this rule is of course world soccer, whether a result of suppressed patriotism elsewhere, or sheer admiration of talent, we Germans have never shied away from our pride and passion in supporting The National Eleven in its decorated career on the world stage.

Some recent betting data caught my eye that took this one step further, extending to club football, and, perhaps for the first time, offers primary data that sets us Germans above our European neighbors in the patriotism rankings with regard to how we bet on our national teams ahead of the European Cup.

The data looks at the betting behavior of football fans ahead of the Champion's League, and while it's not my preferred method of voicing the love of my nation, emotionally charged primary data like this is as valid a source as any! Here are the conclusions...

69% Of Germans Back Teams On Home Soil

Second only to the Spanish, 69% of Germans back home teams, with 50% backing FC Bayern Munich (who to date have reached the final 10 times and reigned victorious 5 times). Whilst this patriotism might seem the norm, the results provide an insight into how this corresponds with other European nations.

35% of Italians and only 26% of Brits back Home Teams

As a comparison, despite Juventus reaching the 2014-2015 Champions League final against FC Barcelona, only 13% of bets placed in Italy backed the team between 2011-2015 and only 35% of Italians back any team from Italy. For British fans the number is even lower, at 26%.

Germans Show More Loyalty to Home Teams

It is interesting to see in the 2014/2015 turnover, that 5% of bets in Germany were made on Bayer Leverkusen, who are yet to win the Champions League, and have only made it to the final as a runner up once back in 2002. When we consider that Germans backed Bayer Leverkusen over Juventus, who was runner-up in the 2014/15 season, the patriotism and loyalty to home teams becomes even more prevalent. And what of Bayern Munich? Well, it's the only club to appear in the top four most bet on team for all nations surveyed, but we'll save that story for another day!

Data & Image Credits: Bwin, Big Stock.

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